September 8th, 2005


Concert: Marillion at the Key Club

So I just got back from the Key Club. I had not been to that club in a pretty long time, but it is still one of my favorite venues in Hollywood.

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They announced that they would be playing a free show again tomorrow in Hollywood at the Tower Records store. I didn't know about it, but I may just try to go again, if only to get a copy of their new live DVD and have it autographed by the band. I had not brought anything to be signed tonight... Here are the details, if anybody else is interested :

Tower Records
8801 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA

Hear & Meet Marillion at 6pm in the store. Which probably means a short (30 minutes or so) set from the band followed by an autograph session. I went to that store for a similar event with Joe Satriani a while ago, but I have the impression this one will be far from drawing as big of a crowd.

Oh, and for the geeks out there, if you follow the link above to the store page, you'll notice a "Meet Bruce Campbell" event at that store a couple of weeks from now. :)

Next on my concert schedule: possibly going to the Baked Potato next Wednesday for the Bryan Beller band (featuring Mike Keneally). Though I may have to preempt that one depending on various birthday plans that may or may not happen around this date. We shall see...

LJ Obsession Test

Got this from bustopratbag :

The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
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Slothfully Seeking Susan

More Marillion !

Well, I managed to drive my ass back to Hollywood tonight for the in-store performance of Marillion! The peak hour traffic sucked balls, and I really thought I had missed most of it by the time I finally parked near the store more than one hour after I left from LAX, and yet I was lucky to get in just a couple of minutes before the performance actually began!

As I expected the performance was short, just a few songs for less than 30 minutes. The main difference from last night was the lack of a piano, but they had their acoustic guitars and basses. I grabbed a copy of their live DVD and went back in line after the show for the meet and greet with the band. There was not that many people, really. A hundred at most.

The line was moving really slowly but I realized why when I finally got back in the store. These guys are great, and really took the time to talk to the fans, signing everything and getting pictures taken. So of course it was taking longer than if they were just mechanically signing everything, but it was definitely worth the wait !! These guys are awesome, and so incredibly friendly! Steve Hogarth spent a few minutes talking about their travel issues on this tour. Apparently he almost got arrested for complaining to United Airlines about something. :)

I got my DVD signed, Steve Hogarth picked up on my accent when I told him I enjoyed the show from yesterday, and asked me where I was from. :) I'm pretty sure they must have toured through Lyon at one point. Of course the best part of all this was when I got my picture taken with the band ! Woohoo!

Pete Trewavas, myself, Steve Rothary, Steve Hogarth

In short, most definitely worth the hassle of driving to Hollywood ! :-D